The brazillian author, Paulo Cueollo, once wrote: “One day you’ll wake up and won’t have time to do the things you really wanted to do, do it now.”

Wow, that sounds like my mother who used to always tell me to smell the roses and warned me that there was no future in getting older. Well, I couldn’t buy all of that, but I did listen.

A recent national poll said older folks regret too many things as they get beyond their years to remain active. What made the majority most sad was not travelling before it was too late. Imagine our oldest generation, who worked to make a great nation, leaving us with such a prophetic message.

I’m heeding this lesson and taking a different road, trying to travel more often, rekindling friendships and meeting new ones along the way.

There is a sense of peace in visiting other places and people.

So, quit wasting time, do it now, pack your bags and extend peaceful gestures to others in order to bring yourself no regrets.