We have great unrest in the world and much of the anxiety is rooted in failing economies and people feeling that it’s hard to make ends meet.

A recent article in Huff Post by economy reporter Zach Carter, confirms deep suspicions that I have had for over a decade. Entitled, “Democracy and Capitalism may be Heading for a Divorce,” he argues that inequality is fueling global political unrest. He quickly dissects the issues of our pocketbook worries.

“The global economic order of the past three decades has privileged a few elites ― who have seen their incomes and political power expand ― at the expense of a far greater number of working people ― who have seen their incomes stagnate and their political influence wane,” says Carter.

The latest proof of this is the miserable exercise we call the 2016 presidential election. Obviously, angered voters have been pitted against each other by enormous economic forces of the wealthy on both sides. Any meaningful discussion leading to wealth opportunities for hard working Americans is missing.

We have been led down the primrose path where patriotism has been promoted as unbridled capitalism. Not so. Inequality leads to unrest and never peace.  Read your history books.