"If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments, we’d all be much happier." When election are about spouting fear, I think back to this quote by Abe Lincoln.

The object of a democracy is to promote national well-being and not to divide people.

Political folks say voting solves everything, but we all know with a broken system, the work will be harder than simply voting. Demand an end to what causes the politics of despair.

Democracy shouldn’t be controlled by anyone. Non-partisan citizen commissions should draw the lines of the voting districts. Both parties should limit campaign contributions. Third party hate ads from both parties must be banned. Comments or actions that would land any of us in jail should not be fair game for politicians.

Trust, honesty and good will is critical to America’s survival. Liberties for all must outweigh individual ambitions. Peace with our neighbor is all about homeland security. So, put down your swords, we can’t eat our own. We have a lot of work to do to get back to peaceful coexistence.