We’ve had a tidal wave of reactions since the election and what strikes me is that the same folks who were peddling bad news before are still at it. Let’s face it, our elected dinosaurs are OOT – out of touch.

On the Democratic side, the insiders are at it again serving up the same tired leaders responsible for losing the election.

And, on the Republican side, the new president-elect repudiated the party as being OOT and won against all odds.

This is reminicent of eight years ago when the same misinformation claimed Obama could never win.

So, the real story is this. The public has spoken and has asked convincingly to put this nonsense to an end.

There is no peace in the homeland, in a democracy, when folks get so cozy in their celebrated positions that they ignore us for personal gain.

Keep withholding support from the insiders who are selling America to the highest bidder, including the media who "trump" up stories to increase ad revenues. For the love of peace, let’s unplug the power of those who are OOT.